Gallo Acoustics Micro SE – Great Balls of Fire

Anthony Gallo’s little round speakers have been a subject of HiFi reviewers’ adoration since they were launched. How can you not be impressed by a little sphere that simply disappears and makes music?

Elan Systems, a local distributor, have recently taken on the Gallo Acoustics brand, and were visibly excited to provide a review sample when approached. They sent along a literal case of speakers – a neat aluminium briefcase filled with examples of the speakers’ many mounting options.

The Micro SE is a roughly tennis-ball sized sphere, which feels dense in the hand thanks to its steel construction. Each speaker is supplied with a silicon ring (similar to a thick, relatively rigid O-ring) that allows the speaker to rest on a flat surface without rolling off. There are numerous other mounting options – from futuristic-looking stands and eyeball ceiling mounts to gorgeous pendants designed to hang with a lighting arrangement.

The array of colour choices is seemingly endless, allowing a designer to make a statement with the Micro SEs, rather than feel compelled to disguise them.

The Micro SE is an improvement on the original Micro. It boasts an aluminium honeycomb sandwich diaphragm, which reproduces the audio spectrum from 100Hz to over 20kHz without the use of a crossover. The Micro SEs are designed to be used with a subwoofer to produce full range sound.

The Gallo Acoustics Micro SE performs the most cunning of audio trickery. A pair of speakers sounds full, produces a layered, spacious soundstage, and together with a subwoofer of matching quality – our review system utilised the formidable little Speakercraft HRSi 8 – they have impact and pace.

The Micro SEs’ performance does not come cheap. The pricing of some R15 000 per pair puts them squarely in the luxury bracket. However, for those that value the best, I can think of nothing that has the same combination of aesthetic and auditory performance.


The Good
Superb sounding, and in a range of colours and mounting options that should make these the design speaker of choice.

The Bad
The price mirrors the performance – this doesn’t come cheap.

The Ugly
Nothing Ugly about these beauties.

Price as reviewed: R7 790 inc VAT upwards, depending on mounting and finish.

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The Gallo Acoustics Micro SE system was supplied as a review sample by Elan Systems South Africa, and reviewed as part of a supplied review system. No promotional consideration was paid.


Frequency Response
  On wall or floor stand:100Hz to 22Khz
  Isolation ring or table stand:120Hz to 22Khz
Sensitivity:85 dB/w 2.83v (1M)
Nominal Impedance:4 Ohms
Power Handling:
(Small Enclosure)
125 watts
Height on Stand:91.5 cm
Drivers:3″ wide-dispersion flat diaphragm
Dimensions:4″ Sphere
Cone material:Aluminium Honeycomb Sandwich
Enclosure Material:Mild Steel/Stainless Steel
Warranty:5 years parts and labour

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